Terms & Conditions

·         Definitions 

·         This site is maintained and managed by Joule SRL (legally registered) which will be referred to as "Company". 

·         Legal or natural person authorized to order and purchase products through www.joule.com.ro site is called "Client". 

·         Digital photos, text, technical data, prices and other information can be found on the Company will be referred to as "Content".

·         Copyright

·         The entire content of the site is the property of the Company and is protected by copyright law protection (Law nr.8/1996 ) . Society without the use of any items listed above is punishable under the laws in force (administrative , civil or criminal ) .

·         So are expressly prohibited : accessing site by devices or automated programs , or copy content manually and reading , publishing content to other companies or websites to make comparison or analysis in any way if it has not received approval writing in advance.

·         Photos and data are used to suppliers either directly or through its representatives in Romania .


·         Security of personal data and information submitted

·         The personal data submitted by the buyer will be used by the Company solely for the purpose stated on this site .

·         Information from the order form is required to send order confirmations , delivery of ordered products , announce running promotions . , In any case will not be provided to third parties. The company guarantees the confidentiality of information . These data do not physically exist on servers running the site , they are accessible only by authorized personnel of the Company's internal network . Each user may only see his own personal data that you entered . The site uses security measures against loss , misuse or alteration of information that is in control of the Company.


·         Disclaimer of Liability 

·         Joule LLC SE does not assume responsibility for the content of the site and reserves the right to refuse to order the company's internal reasons without notice. Joule LLC reserves the right to choose their clientele. 


·         Defraud 

·         Any attempt to access personal data of another user or modify site content or affect the performance of the server that runs the site will be considered an attempt to defraud the site and will put in motion the criminal investigation against those who have tried this or that exploit application errors. 


·         Litigation 

·         Any dispute between the Customer and the Company will be resolved amicably. If you did not settle the conflict amicably, Romanian competent court of law.


·         Warranty

·         All products in oscilloscopes ( function generator , oscilloscope ) were within two-year warranty and post warranty service .

·         Warranty does not apply to accessory devices such as software, fuses, measuring probes, battery and battery.

·         Products in the electronic parts are original parts.